The Soul Of An Artist


Seated, settled, Calm and Composed,

Only a neutral,


And all disclosed,


of voice to be heard.

So speak to the hearts,

May your Peace be as a soothing harp,

To grant them long awaited freedom,

From the pain and greivence,

Of life without meaning.

You waited patiently,

Even long enough,

we know your road was tough,

After running aimlessly to and frow,

Which pinnacle but your own to climb, You didn’t know,

So confused your heart was bruised,

From one end to the other left you hanging loose.

Yet you would soon find a balance.

A divine responsibility, with no ego involved otherwise your purpose would quickly dissolve.

Now, be humble, and keep on climbing,

These situations you will resolve,

And there will be change as you evolve,

Because your voice will stir through the valleys,

and empty the caves,

Causing those whom sleep to awaken earlier than late,

by the crack and flash of your lightning phase


May your bow strike your strings,

The Chords of truth

As the Soul of An Artist Sings



God has said. That He shall hold my Hand, there fore, I must not let go, so tie me a bow, for when I may away, too and frow, feeling the push and pull, but I know He will bring me home.

My faith will keep me from falling below.

Over – time, efforts , prayers & sacrifices, fighting myself, may my former vices be ash, and if I am tempted to a point of struggle, may God save me from this crisis, so I may be, where Christ is.

That I may save my own and the souls of others, whose life’s are torn, yes evil scorns and has minds consumed, now turn that violent red into a calming blue.. . There must be a reason, why oh God, I listen to you…

Bring us to speak, and to share your peace, for I feel only troubles, inside feeble me.

Therefore help me take my life out from the sand as I collapse at every wave and rough piece of sea that took our hands.

Lead me to the rocks, and up high upon the pinnacle, only after I have swooped down as low as the sparrow, guide me to the top by your fiery arrows and guiding light, for we promise you Lord,

To never, give up, the fight